tafsir ahlam app

tafsir ahalm app

The completely new tafsir ahlam app is an application of God Almighty that is now five years old, I hope God will benefit us with it, so that we do not forget to mention God. Your support for the program and its dissemination to reach millions is our highest goal, and may it intercede for us all on the Day of Resurrection the Content source is from tafseer-ahlam.com it helps the app a lot and it’s reliable source.

The tafsir ahlam program shows some dhikr, interpretation of dreams and supplications, and alerts that you specialize automatically in the form of notifications, and you can control the number of times they appear daily.

It contains:

You can add private dream interpretation to appear with automatic supplication, or turn it off whenever you want.

You can send any remembrance of the morning and evening dhikr or a supplication to the one you love easily, and just by the relatively long pressure on the dhikr.

Note: Automatic dhikr and phoneme is under development